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Monday - Friday 

8:00 am - 7:00 pm



      Protect your vehicle with a Ceramic Coating. We use Adams Graphene Ceramic Coating.  This coating has been put to the test and compared to several other coatings and comes out on top.  We will ensure your paint is decontaminated and clean of old waxes and oils.  We will Polish the paint to restore the beauty of it by removing the swirls and light scratching.


** Estimates can be given when there is a clear understand of the condition of the paint, and what you the owner is expecting of the final result of paint correction and the length of ceramic coating protection desired.

  • 1, 2, 7, or 9+ Years of Protection

  • Less prone to water spotting

  • Higher stain resistance against bugs, saps, droppings, etc.

  • Higher scratch resistance during the washing process

  • Increased depth and clarity to all surfaces

  • Lower sliding angle with water evacuating at angles less than 10-15°

  • Higher contact angles averaging 110-118°

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