Classic Packages

Full details are a simple way to keep your cars in excellent, like new condition. Easy on your paint, and easy on the bank. This is the best way to maximize your money if your car finds itself dirty and in need of simple protection. We offer both full interior and full exterior details, OR put them together and get a discount.

Basic details are ideal for those looking for a simple cleaning without the desire or need for protection. If you take care of your vehicles, but you need a good wash and vacuum, this package is for you! Just like with full details, you can do basic interior or basic exterior details, OR you can combine them and get a discount.

Premium Packages

Ceramic coatings are a premium coating for the exterior of your car that offer UV protection, scratch/chip protection, and extreme hydrophobicity (meaning water will fear your car). We offer a 1 year coating, a 7 year coating, and a 9 year coating. All ceramic coatings include a full exterior detail and your choice of paint correction.

The Best of Show package is based around "Griot's Garage" Best of Show wax. Increase the depth of your car's color while improving shine and protection. As one of the best waxes on the market, this is the wax we choose to use on our cars! This package will also include a full exterior wash and your choice of paint correction.

After your first full detail, booking maintenance details is the perfect way to keep your car in mint condition at a discounted price. Quit damaging your paint by going through the car wash and join dozens of others whose vehicles we regularly maintain!